I plead guilty

I’ve done exactly what I tell you guys NOT to do.

I got angry and nearly threw in the towel!

Not with my diet and training.

But with a new hobby of mine.

I’m learning a language, Spanish if you are interested.

I have always wanted to speak a 2nd language to open up opportunities in life, but to also keep my brain challenged.

Just as I like to challenge the body to stay lean and strong.

I have always tried using language apps for 20 minutes a day etc but knew I needed more help and a challenge.

So, I hired a Spanish tutor.

Having had 16 odd sessions, I thought I was doing ok.

But yesterday I had a terrible session.

I couldn’t remember anything, and got so angry at myself that I thought

Sod it, I’ve had enough and nearly ended the session

But I snapped out of it when I remembered this is how I help people on a body transformation.

When they’ve had a bad day…. eaten a load of crap and had a few too many drinks.

And they want to give in because they have “messed up”

As trainers we presume that there will be slip ups.

But we are still confident that the member will achieve results.

We simple say, “don’t worry, just get back to the plan”.

This is what I will do with my Spanish, and I’ll let the small 1% improvements each session compound over time.

It may take longer than anticipated but life isn’t perfect, and as humans, we never can be faultless.

So, if you’ve wobbled a little bit recently.

Or your will power isn’t feeling too strong.

Get back to the plan & start enjoying the process.

Results will soon follow when you least expect it.

Fat loss (or leaning a new skill) isn’t about being perfect – it’s about getting better!


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