Wired but tired all the time?

I was going through our new online and in-house modules today to double check everything.

And each course now has a whole section on sleep.

I know that people will skip this bit and look for the secret diet plan that we’ve been hiding (little tip – there isn’t one)

So many people sacrifice on their sleep to live a more hectic life.

Under the impression that skipping on decent sleep doesn’t affect their body shape or health.

Having an extra coffee to power through the day instead.

Which then leads to later nights as they then can’t sleep, due to the amount of caffeine in their system.

With a late night, the following day usually means eating high calorie foods.

And more caffeine for energy.

Which keeps you up all night again– wired and tired!

This stressed, under slept person wonders why they can’t lose belly fat?

Trying to lower calories more and trying to do more exercise!

When all they needed to do, was get a better night’s sleep.

Good sleep will do more for fat loss than any supplement or diet plan out there.

When you think about it, sleep is more important than food!

You can go a week without eating.

Give up sleep for a few days and you become the worst version of yourself.

I’ve always been good at sleep, but I notice when I don’t have enough.

I always end up eating more food, have a worse workout and make slow poor decision all day.

With lockdown and not having to work shifts.

I managed to install a pattern of going to sleep at the same time and getting up at the same time every day.

I’ve noticed that I don’t need as much sleep.

I mentioned a few weeks back about the glycine, camomile tea and zinc/magnesium an hour before bed.

Ditching the social media and reading an hour in bed.

I haven’t trained as much and my calories have stayed the same.

But I’m losing weight and getting leaner by the week.

The only thing I’ve changed is improve my sleep quality.

So instead of trying to exercise more, looking for a better diet or lowering calories to detrimentally low levels.

Work on your sleep routine and hygiene.

Ask yourself now…

Am I Always Wired & Tired?

If you are, you know what you need to do!


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