You need to lose 5lbs

The UK is at war with obesity.

Boris launches attack on Britain’s bulge!

I understand why the government wants us all to lose weight.

To be healthier individuals during the pandemic.

But banning “buy one get one free” offers on junk food, or moving tv advert timings won’t make a drastic change.

Whether people want to hear it or not, and this will trigger a few people.

If you are gaining weight, you are consuming too many calories.

You can blame genetics, under active thyroids, your job, your partner, whatever makes you feel better to shift the guilt.

But the responsibility comes from us, as individuals.

You need to understand what’s being consumed.

In particular – how much is being consumed.

And how do we do that?

Track calories….

I love when I tell people this to their face.

When their eyes roll back because it sounds too hard or complex.

Tracking your calorie intake to lose weight sounds like working out algebra, but it’s so simple.

The best way to describe or compare it is to imaging you are driving.

When you are sat at the wheel…

Where is your focus?

It’s on the road ahead, right?

But every now and again, you check the speedometer.

To make sure you are not driving too fast.

Especially if you keeping getting speeding tickets.

You’d probably keep an even closer eye on it.

This is just like trying to lose weight.

If you’ve tried all the diets and exercises routines out there.

But never seem to lose weight.

You’re eating too many calories.

Tracking your calories every now again is just like looking down at your speedometer.

You don’t have to do it all the time

But it would be useful to do for a short time, especially if your weight keeps creeping up.

Show the government how it’s done;

track your calories for 7 days

find the average

now use this formula below to make sure you are not over consuming.

Your weight in pounds x 10

e.g. 180lb x 10 = 1800kcal a day

See how quickly those 5lbs go!

And smash the governments 5lbs in 12 week weight loss target – do it in 3-4!


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