Aching Much?

A week has passed since the gyms in the country reopened.

After many warnings from fitness professionals to take it easy on returning…

…there are still a lot of sore bodies out there.

Particularly if you’ve done a strength/weight training session.

For some people – it’s the first time they’ve experienced DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

It’s usually creeps in when you add a new exercise to your routine

Completely change your workout plan

Or when you have a lengthy lay off from the gym.

Which we’ve all had recently – 4 months is a very long layoff.

Carl did a great explanation of how to train in your first 1-2 weeks.

You can watch that here >>>> Carl’s Training Explanation

But what about those who still can’t move…. how do you get rid of it?!?

Its sounds like mad advice

But get yourself back in the gym for another session.

Flush the body and muscles with nutrient rich blood.

We had members coming in through the week on their 2nd workout, expecting it to make them feel worse.

But after the session….

They felt free, eased off and feeling so much better to their complete surprise.

Muscle soreness is generally a bit of inflammation.

So, taking an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen will assist.

Eating plenty of fish and taking omega 3’s is a fantastic way to reduce inflammation anyway.

Up your consumption fish, protein and lots of vegetables.

Up your water intake to at least 2-3 litres and get a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours).

It wouldn’t be wise to stay still all the time, keep active and moving in the day and you’ll soon seen how it eases off.

The big positive now, is that the body is recovering & adapting.

It’s getting stronger & fitter by building muscle.

Its dropping body fat as the intensity of a session was tough.

Plus, you’re eating more protein & veg, sleeping & hydrating well which also drops body fat.

In a few weeks’ time the body will look in much better shape.

You will be as fit & strong as you have been in months or even years.

Been thinking about taking an extra rest day?

Scrap that plan – get that next gym sessions booked!


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