Dieting Truths

Fasting restricts time so you can’t eat as much = calorie deficit

Paleo restricts processed (high energy) foods which = drops calories

Keto diet restricts carbs to = create a calorie deficit

Tracking calories keeps you to a certain daily limit = to create a calorie deficit

They all work.

But tracking calories allows a more balance & varied lifestyle.

You may feel like you are missing out because your friend is doing one of the above trendy diets and losing weight.

But they soon hit a big problem.

Fasting is great until you fancy breakfast with a friend one day

Paleo is great until you want a slice of pizza at a works party

Keto is great until you want an ice cream with your children

Tracking calories allows us those treats and STILL lose body fat.

Attaching yourself to one dieting method is too restrictive for our often-busy life’s.

Sustainability is the goal we need to make sure it achieves long lasting results.

Tracking calories or following a flexible meal plan like the THQ meal planner that doesn’t ban foods can still;

  • Keep you healthy
  • Get you lean & slim
  • Make you strong & fit

But live a “normal” life!

Dieting isn’t about being perfect all the time

Or restricting to the point of boredom

It’s about improving eating habits over the long term to a point where you don’t even think you are “dieting”


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