Burn Body Fat In The Pool

I was helping a friend out the other day at his house.

He said the weather was going to be nice this weekend and he wanted to get his outdoor pool ready.

I didn’t know what he wanted me to do…but I offered my help.

When I got there, the pool water level was a little high as he left the tap on overnight to add fresh water.

He said the water level needed lowering otherwise water would splash everywhere.

So, he handed me a bucket and told me to get scooping the water out with him.

Twenty minutes in we were sweating like mad.

Scooping water and carrying it to the drain.

Yet the water level seemed to be staying the same.

But as I looked up – the tap was still on & pumping water in on the other side of the pool!

Fortunately for me – this is a lie.

I’m sorry, but I needed to get you thinking of a crazy example.

This is the logic people have when trying to spot reduce body fat by exercising a specific muscle group.

Typically, the abs.

While still eating a high calorie diet.

You cannot spot burn body fat.

It will come off as it wants to.

Usually the first place you gain weight is the last place we lose it.

As that particular stubborn area has had time to become dense in stored body fat.

It’s going to take longer to shift.

This email is not quite the help, tip or cheat you thought it was going to be.

But something you needed to hear if you always look for shortcuts.

If you want to know how to burn body fat.

Follow this simple strategy and stick to it for the long run.

Stop eating crap all the time.

Don’t hammer the booze every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Lift weights in the gym or do some form of resistance training.

Relax – don’t stress about it all.

And most importantly…

Be patient and give it a little more time.

Nobody wants to hear the simple message.

But most people would finally achieve results if they gave it a go.


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