Don’t buy it

As a general rule in life.

I always aim to be improving.

Whether it’s my body, businesses, language, finances, mind.

And it’s the mind that drives that progress.

It’s the reason why I always have a new book to read that will help me grow and improve.

I always make sure I have a new book to grab.

Rather than scroll on social media for an extra hour or watch another Netflix episode.

And the thought of a new book to read, makes me keeping reading the current book.

The flip reverse can be said of this about junk food.

I never have any in the house.

You know the feeling.

If it’s in the cupboard, and you are sat chilling…

…9 times out of 10, you’re going to grab it.

The treats we buy are usually hyperpalatable foods.

That are high in sugar, carbs, fats & calories.

Which are designed for overconsumption.

But what are you meant to do then?

Try not purchasing any treats for the home.

You will soon discover if you are a boredom eater or an emotional eater.

The emotion eater will go out to buy crap food.

We then know you need to work on emotional triggers more than anything else.

But if you’re a boredom eater….

Don’t convince yourself that it’s on offer so it was too good to turn down.

Or it’s for the kids (fine have a kid’s cupboard you don’t eat from)

Even if it was a gift – give it away again to someone else.

Getting or staying lean often means its far better to go out for a treat.

You will appreciate it more and also have a great time with friends or family.

Are you a person who gets annoyed that you can’t get a better body shape?

Yet continually buy foods you can’t control consumption of.

This one rule will help fix that.


Bit of a harsh one today but someone out there may have needed to hear this.


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