Weekdays vs Weekends

I’m back on my diet now I’m at work….

I find easier it in the week…

I had a bit of a big weekend!

Things I hear often from members in the gym.

I’ve heard them many times over…

… and I’ll hear them many times again.

Why are weekdays so much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan?


Go to work, grab meal prep and water.

Weekends – are never the same though.

Because at weekends, your will power has to take control.

Most of us don’t have the strongest will power (and need to improve!)

The cravings kick in for food as its the next dopamine hit.

Your body loves the feeling of eating and tricks it into thinking it needs more food.

When more often than not, it doesn’t.

So, we need to trick the body in return.

Convince it its full.

Controlling hunger and cravings at weekends could be the missing part of the puzzle you’ve been looking for.

It will stop the tip of your weekly calorie average, from being in maintenance or even calorie surplus mode…

..to finally staying in a calorie deficit EVERY week.

Here are a few cool tips to convince the body its full.

  1. Diet drinks (and diet products)

Are particular useful if you have a sweet tooth. When it’s hot outside, instead of grabbing an ice cream, a cool diet drink does the same job.

After a meal and you fancy a sweet dessert, a low-calorie jelly just hits the spot.

  1. Protein Shakes (and bars)

Are low in calories but high in protein. Protein has a blunting effect on hunger levels. Having one before or after a meal will make you consume less.

Or if you are going out for a long day, take one with you for times of emergency.

  1. Veggies & Water

Loading up a plate with a pile of veg, not only makes you feel full – it nourishes the body with plenty of vitamins, minerals & fibre.

Chugging water all day keeps the hunger at bay, whilst energise the body because you are fully hydrating.

These tips work at any time.

But they are more effective at weekends.


Because we can stop the usual weekend self-destruction mode!

What’s your weekend going to be like?


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