The Real Reason A THQ Shoot Works

This weekend we opened up our first shoot after lockdown.

There was a lot of interest from members wanting to get started.

I think a few too many lockdown pounds have piled on.

To start a 12 week shoot.

We hold a start up meeting.

And it often takes people by surprise.

1 – Some people come looking for a secret diet or training plan….

And discover there isn’t one!

2 – Some people are taken back on how it becomes a little bit more serious

And they take note.

I’ve had members in the past say that they thought we were being restrictive on giving a food list.

Harsh for banning junk food.

But when they finished the shoot – they realised its exactly what they needed.

A short time frame being disciplined and structured.

We often talk ourselves out of getting in shape.

“I’ve had a tough week this week so I’m going to relax my diet this weekend”

Which is fine.

But it happens most weeks.

And people wonder why the scales or body shape never changes.

But when members complete a shoot and stick to the plan.

They soon realise what it takes to get in great shape.

They now understand that;

  • No one is going to do their gym sessions for them
  • No one is going to eat the correct foods for them
  • No one is going to focus on sleep and recovery for them

Their body shape, health and weight is their responsibility.

When they stop looking for the short cut or something else to blame.

They soon realise what it takes to get in shape.

This may not be the secret answer you thought it would be…

…but this is how it felt for the people coming for the “secret diet plan” on the shoot meeting.

Stick to the plan – give it time & don’t give up on your body shape, health and fitness goals.

Only you are the master of the destination.

This is why people get results on a THQ shoot.


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