Tired all the time?

Monday of this week I could not be bothered to go to the gym.

I was feeling drained and groggy.

But I went anyway.

The workout was pretty crap to be fair.

And I wasn’t feeling very strong or fit.

But I did feel a little bit more energetic afterwards.

The next day I was starting to feel better again, but still groggy.

So, I went for another training session in the gym.

It was still tough to get started, and the session was difficult.

But, I was beginning to improve.

Wednesday I was feeling ready to train and the session was good.

My lifts in weights were going up and I felt strong.

Do you see the pattern here?

I could have thrown in the towel on Monday and not trained.

Which then may have led into Tuesday and Wednesday – possible the whole week.

There will always times when you don’t want to go the gym.

Everyone gets them (even personal trainers).

But the responsive effect one training session can have is very powerful.

And out of all the different types of exercises I’ve tried.

Strength training achieves the best returns on effort.

Do you find yourself…

Tired most days?

Wanting more energy?

There is a simple answer to fix that!

Strength Train

You’ll gain more physical AND mental stamina.

If you can win the battle in the gym with weights.

You can tackle difficulties in life with a lot more ease.

You’ll also sleep better at night and recharge faster for the next day.

The energy you put in more than pays its self-back.

For me, strength training has this improvement effect that other forms of exercise don’t.

It then creates a bit of addition of to going to the gym.

The feeling of improvement and accomplishment is always there, and keeps me returning to the gym year after year.

Which is the key to a strong, fit & lean body.


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