4 BIG Tips For Motivation

The US Navy SEAL’s have a great reputation for being disciplined, organised and mentally strong.

This is down to their extreme training program that converts them into the best possible.

What’s not known or talked about is the dropout rate from the tough training process.

At one point the dropout rate was 76%.

This made me think to the success rate of the general population in getting the body shape of their dreams…..

…and the percentage of quitters.

I would say it was higher than 76% that fail.

And I’ve always wanted to improve that.

At THQ, we have managed to put in place easy to follow plans that makes our results percentage better than the average.

And this is why I’ve been researching different techniques to make our service even better.

So, back to the navy SEAL’s – they were not happy about this high dropout rate.

They employed a psychologist called Eric Potterat.

He implemented 4 big habits for the SEAL’s to focus on in training, and got the dropout rate down to 50%.

A big improvement considering how tough the training can be!

These 4 BIG habits are now openly known and shared.

And they can apply to pretty much everything in life.

Especially a body transformation.

I see myself and many successful clients who have got in amazing shapes do these habits.

This psychologist has clarified and organised them so you can now win.

Here they are:

1.Focus on the right now

The SEALS are taught to only focus on the short-term goal e.g. the next mile to run. This can apply to your next workout or meal. Make sure you are doing the small things over and over again until you reach your goal. Rather than solely focusing on the end result.

2.Imagine how good it will feel

To finish your training and being a SEAL. For us, it is seeing ourselves on the beach proud of our body shapes. Positive mental framing is as powerful as negative self-talk.

3.When all else fails – breathe deeply

When the seals want to stop running, climbing etc and say “I can’t do it” they used this technique. Breath in for 6 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, breathe out for 6 seconds. And repeat 3 times. Try this when you get overwhelmed with your fitness or nutrition tasks.

(try it now before reading on and see what a difference it makes to energy and feelings)

4.Cheer yourself on

Instead of saying to yourself “I will never be able to ….” Say “you will be able to..” and look for small achievements you’ve already made. E.g. got my three session in this week, meal prepped for tomorrow.

It may sound mumbo-jumbo for some people.

But if you lack motivation and always drop out of things…

….these 4 BIG habits may be the behaviours you need to finally succeed.


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