The Soup and Shake Diet

I really deliberated whether to even write about this.

Was I giving it the publicity it doesn’t deserved?

Am I putting thoughts & ideas in people’s heads?

Yet, I’ve been asked a few times about it in sessions, so it forced me to go ahead anyway.

Unbelievable it’s a diet “developed” by the government.

Fortunately, it’s just a trial at the moment.

Its main aim is to reverse type 2 diabetes.

By giving someone 800kcal a day.

Eating just soup, shakes and health bars to keep kcals down.

The headline will stand out to people as it claims weight loss as well.

And people will lose weight at the beginning

(until the inventible crash and binge eating session kicks in).

So now, they associate that to lose weight – they have to go that low-calorie figure.

Clearly, it’s not sustainable and develops a yoyo dieting pattern.

Which wrecks a person’s metabolism, hormones and makes them a miserable bugger!

There is however, a simple – more attainable answer out there.

If you’re a THQ member, follow your meal planner for 80-90% of the time and train hard 3 times a week.

If you are looking for a bit more of an advanced tactic or you’re not a THQ member.

Track calories

Yes, it requires you to track calories each day for a while.

It takes 10 mins max each day.

But what it also means, is you can eat your favourite foods AND still lose weight.

You don’t need such a drastic calorie deficit that the government recommends.

Start with your weight in pounds

Times that by 12

e.g 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcal each day

Take scale measurements, pictures and inches.

Give it 2-4 weeks.

Take measurements again

You will be lighter, leaner and slimmer.

So repeat process again with new lower weight to work out calories.

Repeat until happy with body shape and scale weight.

Why not consume more food and still lose weight?

Because it will also stay off as you’ve developed new habits and realised you don’t need to starve yourself OR give up your favourite foods!

And not feel like a corpse wandering around as all you are allowed to eat is soup and shakes.

Well I feel better for writing this now and getting it out of my system haha

I hope you go with the more practical route of dieting.


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