Where’s the bread?

When a person first starts at THQ on a 6 week meltdown.

I spend extra time explaining our meal planner.

Its purpose, structure and reasoning behind why it works so well.

I would say at 2/3 of these chats I get asked…

“Where’s the bread?”

And it’s a reasonable question to ask as I’ve said in the consultation – That No Food Is Ever Bad At THQ!

Which we resolve by let them having it as a treat, rather than a daily staple.

These people I seek out towards the end of their 6 weeks.

I ask them do they still eat much more bread/ cake/ biscuits.

Whatever junk food that they said they cannot live without….

And 90% of them say they don’t crave it anymore and do not miss it!

They restrained themselves of eating junk food for a while and saw the positives.

Feeling better, more upbeat, getting fitter, stronger and dropping body fat.

I also believe there is a biological factor behind it as well.

If we keep feeding the body junk food that doesn’t have much (if any) nutritional value…

…it craves more food as it looks for the nutrients it needs to survive and flourish.

Which leads to overeating of even more junk.

See how the cycle works.

Give it single ingredient foods that nourish the body like:

Potato, Oats, Greek Yoghurt, Rice, Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Salmon, Tuna & a ton of Vegetables.

The high fibre, high protein and high in nutrient foods fill you up with fewer calories so not only do you burn body fat.

But also energised the body so you look and FEEL amazing.

Getting in shape is not complex.

Just keep doing the basics correctly.


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