How to feel alive & energised again

We are about a 1/3 of the way into our latest shoot.

And it’s usually at this point that I see a BIG mindset change.

Last night, when doing my weekly FB Q&A live session with shoot participants that I saw the switch.

When we first start a shoot, we immediately get questions like…

Can I have X

Can I have Y

Can I have Z

We always say yes as long as it fits into your calorie allowance.

But we suggest to stick to the shoot food list that we provide.

As it will be better for results because it is way more nutritious & satiating.

We state that the shoot food list FUELS the body.

And it’s this fuelling of the body that we try to get people to think about.

Society has thought us that the first thing that matters with food is – taste!

No matter what the negative outcome is.

When it should be about what is the food providing my body.

Last night, I had no questions on if they can include XYZ.

But people starting to see how calories and food selection is now important to them.

They understand that a diet that consists of high protein, lots of vegetables and managed carbs & fats – can make you feel and look amazing.

The shoot is very effective at reprograming the mind to stop obsessing over taste.

And to focus on foods that makes you feel good.

Imaging putting the wrong fuel in your car – it would break down.

Treat your body like this.

Give it the FUEL it needs to perform optimally.

It will thank you by dropping body fat, building muscle, look younger, provide abundant energy levels and make you feel ALIVE!


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