Step your fat away!

I’ve been dieting & training well throughout the summer, and got to a point where I was happy.

Happy with my body shape, fitness and health.

But I wanted a new goal.

So now I’m progressing into a building phase.

Focusing on strength & building a bit of muscle, whilst minimising body fat accumulation.

This means I’m still having to track calories, but I get to eat more.

I’ve notice how much more I’m doing around the house and in life general.

Whilst lowering calories and training hard – subconsciously my body was moving less.

Even though we tell members on shoot this fact….

… I was still doing the same and not noticing.

It’s your body’s counter move as you stay in a calorie deficit for a prolonged period of time.

And this is why you cannot diet all year round.

The body out smarts you.

But there is a way you can keep it moving.

And keep the calorie deficit large enough to see results.

You can track your steps.

Years ago, coaches and personal trainers had to prescribe times to do slow steady state cardio.

E.g. 3 x 30 minute runs, or 2 x 1000kcal burning cardio sessions each week.

But now with phones, watches even rings that track your daily steps/ activity/ calorie burn.

The prescribe slow steady cardio is no longer needed.

You increase your daily movement by aiming for a certain figure.

8000k – 1000k steps each day is a good mark to aim for.

This can be totalled up by lots of small actions.

For example;

  • parking at the bottom of the car park,
  • taking the steps rather than lift,
  • mowing the lawn,
  • walking whilst on the phone or listening to a podcast,
  • playing outside with the kids.

Doesn’t that sound a way more fun and productive use of your time?

Than trying to fit a 45-minute jog into your day?

Add in 3-4 strength training sessions a week to build & retain muscle, get stronger and fitter.

Follow a meal planner like we provide at THQ or stick to calories.

You have the perfect formula to melt the fat away.

And it all begins with the first step each day!


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