No More Email??

Every Monday & Friday I sit down and spend an hour to write an email.

My aim is to provided one piece of advice or tip to help people with their body shape, health & fitness goals.

Sometimes I can smash an email out in 20 minutes.

Sometimes it takes an hour and more.

But it gets done.

Otherwise I’ve failed to my commitment of two emails each week.

And my commitment to help as many people get in great shape as possible.

People have asked me on many occasions how do I keep creating content and ideas.

And sometimes it’s tough.

I could say “sod it – one email is enough for this week” or “don’t know what to write about today, so I’ll leave it this week”

But I snap out of it and just start.

This also applies to health, fitness and getting in shape.

The most important thing is to just show up and get started.

Not worrying about being perfect – just get going.

Your refusal to accept that diet and training has to be anything less than perfect…

…. could be the main reason holding you back from making meaningful progress.

Make sure you do at least one more gym session this week.

Make sure you stick to your “Monday – Friday diet” this weekend as well.

Keep showing up and being consistent in the gym and kitchen.

Sometimes it’s hard to get going.

Some days you can’t wait to get in the gym and meal prep when you get home.

Just like I’m sticking to my commitment of writing these emails……which I will keep on doing by the way.

Make your commitment to keep on doing what you should be doing to achieve your health, fitness and body shape goal.


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