The Rock Rips Of Gate With Bare Hands

I stumbling across an odd story this weekend.

That Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson ripped off his own gates to his drive.

There was a power cut and he couldn’t leave the house as the gate needed electric to work.

But he had a huge film crew waiting for him.

So, as you do…he tore it off.

Now this isn’t a story about strength.

Even though its mightily impressive he managed to do it! (google it for pics).

It reminds me of myself and many clients when hunger strikes.

Normally – you can handle missing a meal.

But if you’ve ever dieted down to a low body fat or have been in a calorie deficit for a few months.

Just missing one meal can make you act like The Rock.

The slightest thing can go wrong and your raging.

A few of you reading this are currently getting back into shape post lockdown.

And may relate to this feeling.

Even if you’re as calm as a monk.

Hunger can still be an issue for you.

If you do struggle with hunger, particularly if it makes you go a bit crazy.

Try switching more of your calories in your diet to just protein.

Every time you eat – you need to build the meal with protein first.

And if you do need more than just meat, eggs, or fish with a meal…

…pack it with more fibrous options for carbs such as cruciferous veg, sweet potato.

Rather than pasta, breads, wraps etc.

You can also save larger meals/ calories towards the end of the day.

This means just eating protein and veg throughout the day and saving the big family meal for the evening.

But you can enjoy the big meal more as you know you’ve saved calories all day.

Controlling these hunger pangs could release the handbrake on your fat loss goal.

Or you can just rip a gate off a wall instead.


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