Talk yourself lean, fit & healthy

Have you ever woken up and done something really annoying?

Like stubbing your toe on a door frame or dropping your favourite mug.

As you watch the cup in slow motion falling as it smashes into smithereens.

Immediately we tell ourselves – it’s going to be a bad day!

And 9 times out of 10, it usually is.

As we’ve told ourselves it WILL be a bad day.

Negative self-talk is so common.

And in health and fitness, its no different.

“I’ll never be in shape”

“I’ve got bad genetics”

“I’ve not got time to workout”

“I’m too tired to exercise”

“Eating healthy doesn’t work for me”

You get the idea….but just reading that above – doesn’t it make you feel down!?

This is a huge reason why I see people fail.

They were doing ok but one conversation with themselves and its throw in the towel time.

Partly because it’s easier to quit rather than plugging away.

But also, because we’ve convinced ourselves it’s not possible.

The Nelson Mandela quote works well here….

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The “done” part for us is here, is someone else who is in the same circumstance, age, ability etc …

….getting into top shape and living a happy & healthy life.

We put our before & after photos up on the wall at THQ to inspire members on those bad days.

To remind members that it has been done before by someone just like you.

But you can also do something yourself.

Start positive self-talk.

“It’s tough but I’m enjoying the challenge of learning more about training”

“I’m liking the feeling of fuelling my body with nutritious foods”

“I’m not where I want to be body shape wise – but I’m on the right track”

Don’t believe me this works for health and fitness?

In a 2013 study, cyclists who went through a 2-week period of positive self-talk.

Were able to last 18% longer on a time to exhaustion test than a controlled “normal” group.

Feeling like you’re never going to reach your health, fitness and body shape goal?

Swap out a few negative self-criticisms and reframe them more positively…

…and see how successful you are WHILST also enjoy the process more.


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