Stop exercising & start training

This one may have caught you out?

What’s the difference?

Aren’t I doing both already?

Exercising vs Training is a topic that causes a stir between fitness professional.

Top physique coaches don’t like the word exercising.

Other coaches say its easier wording for the general population to understand.

And at THQ we are no different.

We sometimes use the word “exercise” to first attract members.

But then educate members later on that their mindset needs a shift.

So today I want you to understand why we do that.

Exercise is a workout you do for the general health benefit that session provides.

Think of a random jog, sporadic football or hockey match, one off leisure centre fitness class.

Great to get the heart rate up and a sweat on.

Training is a physical activity done in a progressive way to achieve a long-term goal.

E.g. Getting abs for your beach holiday in 12 weeks time, by following a resistance training plan and staying in a caloric deficit.

Training has a start & end date with a strategy to follow.

Keeping you accountable to a goal and a time frame.

When training, you are progressively challenging yourself and getting better over time.

It includes measurable goals and a lifestyle that supports your improvements.

You can keep exercising & working up a sweat (and usually eating a bit more food as you’ve earnt it)

Or you can start training and achieve your body shape, health and fitness goal.

Adapting and learning along the way so that it fits YOUR lifestyle.

And then be able to maintain it for the long term – so you can then set a bigger, more demanding goal.

Exercise is healthy – training is transformational.

The majority of people fall into the exercise group – the top 10% fall into the training group.

Which category do you want to place yourself in?


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