The #1 Habit Of Successful Dieters

What’s the best exercise to burn belly fat?

What’s the best tips from people doing the shoot?

What’s the quickest way to lose the love handles?

A few examples of questions I get asked on a regular basis.

More often than not, it comes from people who are just starting their transformation journey.

I understand their frustration.

They’ve tried so many fitness and diet plans that it seems that it will never work for them.

But they see THQ churning out so many body transformations.

It must seem as if we have the secret answer.

And that I’m holding something back.

But as you can see.

The questions are all about quickest, best, fastest, shortcuts.

If this is your mindset you will always fail.

It’s about doing the boring consistent stuff for the long term.


One pattern than has emerged from getting in shape myself, and helping others do the same.

This same habit always develops and sticks.

They simplify their nutrition!

And then stick to this same meal frequency pattern every week.

They have 5 or 6 go to meals.

That are all based around high protein, vegetables and moderate natural carbs.

And when they get bored of one – they just swap it out.

Then they plan and eat these meals at the same time and in the same amounts every day.

And the ones who do this at weekends as well…

…they achieve the biggest transformations in the shortest time possible.

It reduces hunger, due to being high in protein and vegetables.

But it also takes out choice.

Reducing decision fatigue, as we have enough daily decisions as it is anyway.

Which in turn, makes dieting easy.

This is the number 1 habit I see successful transformations all have in common.

Make a food diary and see if you could simplify yours further.



I didn’t include it in the main email (as you may not really care ha) but thought an example could help you picture it better.

Here are my “go-to” main meals.

  • Lean mincemeat chilli with white rice
  • Sea bass and root veg mash
  • Salmon and microwavable lentils/grains
  • Chicken or turkey breast with white potato mash (gravy as a treat ha)
  • Then I rotate 1 protein source in each week on what I see in the supermarket – this week lamb leg steak.

All with a ton of veg on the side!

Breakfast is always eggs or oats depending if I’m training that day (training days I have oats)

It’s been like this for years, and I cannot see it being another way as it makes me feel and look great without too much fuss.

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