Ricky Gervais’s Weight

When Ricky Gervais first burst on to the television screens, he was a bit of a porker.

He even openly admitted it and used it in many of his sketches.

Ricky told his audiences that he had been out of shape all his life and was cool with it.

Happily living with a few too many pounds…he thought he would be like that for life.

But he became even more successful and made it big in Hollywood.

There must have been a huge pressure to be in shape.

And he did give in to the pressure but he admits it was a good thing to happen to him.

After he lost all the weight…

He said the best part was not losing the weight

It was the not having to think about HAVING to lose the weight every day.

If you keep putting off your health, fitness and body shape goals.

It only makes them harder to achieve.

But if you get started now, even though it’s not the “perfect time”.

It can set the mind free.

To be happy that you’re going in the right direction.

You might be reading this on a Friday evening or a Saturday.

The worst time to start a new goal!

Or is it?

The best time is now.

It may not be the ideal time.

It may not be the best plan.

Or the standards or conditions aren’t what you expected them to be at a start of health, fitness and body shape journey.

But it will always beat starting at a later date.

Life very rarely pans out the way we expected it…

…2020 sure does testify this!

If you have been feeling a bit lost recently.

Set your goal and tell someone about it.

Give it a time frame that’s realistic and get to work.

The last few months of 2020 are going to be the quietest they’ve ever been at this time of year.

Your refusal to accept anything less than perfect before starting your goal…

….is the main reason you feel held back from making meaningful progress.

So, act and start now.

Or you could be going a bit like the “before” Ricky Gervais before December has even begun.



I’ll let you in on a secret.

Myself and Carl are currently developing a plan to keep you motivated over the dark winter months.

And will prime you ready for your New Year Health Kick.

It will start mid-November and lead right up to January.

Keep your eyes peeled on the members area……

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