How To Eliminate Weekend Remorse?

It’s a Friday evening and it’s time to unwind.

A glass of wine or beer…

Which leads into another…

Then the treats and nibbles come out…

And next thing you know – its Monday.

The whole weekend accidentally became a bit of a blow-out.

That does not mean this week has to be a write off.

Its vitally important to stay fit, healthy and lean at the moment to do our part.

The less body fat we have…

The stronger and fitter we are…

The better we can keep viruses at bay.

Even if your last meal was a bad one.

Make the next one healthy, with lots of lean protein and vegetables.

If you’ve not planned in your gym sessions this week.

Th next 5 minute break you get, book and plan in your 3 gym sessions this week.

Bad habits creep in much faster than good habits stay – so you need to stay on top of it.

For example….if you ever miss a gym session you tend to miss the next one planned.


When you do have your first healthy meal, then next one is generally good as well.

When you do your 1st training session in a while, you cannot wait to get back in the gym.

Motion builds in both directions.

Start off the week (especially if you’ve had a bad weekend) going in the correct direction.

It really doesn’t take that much effort either.

Don’t stress about what happened at the weekend…as its gone.

Instead focus on what you can control.

  • The next meal you have


  • When you do your next gym session

Feel the positive energy grow this week!


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