What you do & don’t need…

You don’t need to fast

You don’t need to do cardio

You don’t need the latest fitness gadget

You don’t need to be doing the latest fad diet

You don’t need the secret gym plan that fitness trainers “hide” from you.

Believe me – I’ve looked for & tried them all.

All of the above was a huge waste of my time and effort.

I wasn’t frustrated that they didn’t work though.

It was part of my plan as a young personal trainer to experiment.

Most of it ended up with no results or changes, and feeling incredibly confused as to why they didn’t work.

But I have personally succeeded with a few things that I did try.

Which we’ve then successful replicated with clients and members hundreds, if not thousands of times.

If you are serious about making a change, you probably should;

  • Track your food


  • Resistance & strength train


  • Move more (in a way the you like to do)


  • Sleep 7-9 hours every night

Let the above do all the work, and this is all you will ever need to focus on to see results.

For pretty much every fitness, health and body shape goal.

Now you may think that I could be wrong.

And that’s your call.

But learn from my mistakes, and take the short cut.

By doing the boring stuff.

Because it works!

Our members are proof in the pudding ( ** disclaimer** not many puddings involved in a transformation ha ) that if you want results…

…. then read the above advice again and stick to it for the long term.

Saving the time, energy and focus that is wasted worrying about what you “do” and “don’t” need.

Life is all about learning from other people’s mistakes.

I’ve made them for you, so you can take advantage.

Then as people ask you “what are you doing to get in great shape”

Let them know the do’s & don’ts.


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