Carb Blocker

You won’t believe what I’ve just tried.

We were sent a carb blocker sample trial and I’m losing weight.

It’s really simple as to how it works.

It blocks the absorption of carbohydrates, sugar and fat!

Meaning it passes through me and the calories I’ve consumed don’t count.

If you’ve not guessed by now my sarcasm levels are off the chart.

But it was on a social media advert that fitness professionals were sharing.

It was a jaw drop to the floor moment.

That crap and misleading products like this still are allowed to be promoted.

NO PRODUCT can block absorption of food.

It can however pass it right through you though – as the “Carb blocker 7” is mostly laxatives’.

Which leads to a sick and inflamed body.

Which will end up putting more weight back on.

“But I just have to look at carbs and I put on weight” I hear you say.

This is a bit of a myth.

As people who say that when talking about carbs mean, breads, pasta dishes, pizzas, cakes & crisps.

That’s what carbs are to them.

But there are better carb choices they are forgetting about.

Rice, potatoes, beans, pulses, oats, quinoa, cous cous, fruit.

Your will use these carbs more efficiently and they have less calories in them so you won’t put on weight.

Because its excess calories that make you gain weight.

Not just eating carbs.

If you are worried that you eat too many carbs.

Try the carb back loading technique that we recommend with the THQ meal planner.

For people who want to start losing weight but also want to eat carbs.

Because who doesn’t want to eat carbs hey?

Fill up in the morning with just protein and fats.

Like bacon and eggs, omelettes, steak and eggs, salmon and eggs, Greek yoghurt, protein shake.

And just save your carbs for your last meal of the day.

When your cravings and hunger levels tend to be at their highest.

And you will power is at its lowest.

A big potato or portion of rice at night is a lovely satiating feeling that leaves you satisfied.

Meaning your less likely to go routing through the cupboard.

Such a simple but effective strategy to help you lose weight – but eat all those yummy carbs!


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