Winter Slimdown

“You don’t have to be great to start……but you have to start to be great”

This is a quote from Zig Ziglar that was meant to apply for most things in life.

I find it particularly apt when thinking about starting a health, fitness and body shape goal.

We often procrastinate, make up excuses, look for reasons not to start it.

But we still want the end result.

And this mental cycle continues all year round.

But let’s try and put some perspective on it.

There is approximately 9 weeks until new year.

Doesn’t sound that far way does it?

How about giving yourself a little challenge.

Instead of trying to just wipe this year off..

…as tempting as that sounds.

Let’s make it a positive.

We have had forced upon us a time frame that we will never get again.

At least 4 weeks to focus on ourselves.

We know that losing body fat and being fit is something that helps your chances of staying healthy.

An 8 week goal now with just a 2lbs a week weight loss target, would shift just over a stone!

Imagine being a stone lighter before Christmas week so you could enjoy it guilt free.

Then feeling well ahead of the game for the normal January health kick.

Use these next 8 week to finish 2020 on a high!

Then you can look back on new year’s eve and reflect on how well you’ve done,

how much better you look and feel,

and look forward to what you can do better in 2021.

Whilst everyone else regrets throwing November & December 2020 in the bin, pigging out and slobbing around.

This week set your goal and get to work.

For more accountability reply back to me and tell me what your goal is and ask for any help needed.

Whether its sticking to the shoot plan, the THQ meal planner, or just tracking calories.

Let’s finish 2020 (as Zig Ziglar said) being GREAT!


Just a little update on lockdown plan.

Myself and Carl are working flat out to get in house version of THQ online, we are trying our best to make it even easier to use and better than last time!

Watch this space and smash your gym sessions whilst you can this week.

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