What’s better than a perfect plan?

As you are well aware, the current bad news is we are now in lockdown.

Good news is that we very nearly only have 3 weeks left.

And its how you look or reframe life’s obstacles that counts.

I sensed a lot of people going low when the lockdown was announced.

The feeling of being restricted and not been able to go to the gym was a big issue for some people.

But on the flip side.

We saw an uptake on our online intake.

And other in-house members were happy we sorted live coaching sessions.

What you control is your thoughts on the situation – not the situation itself.

Be the glass half full person.

Like all the people jumping to online training this week.

Using the last few weeks of the year doing something positive for yourself.

Dropping a few extra pounds and inches.

Getting fitter and stronger.

Being active and healthier.

Feeling positive.

“Buts its just not the right time to start!”

And unfortunately – there never is a right time to start.

I’ve just finished a book by Ryan Holiday – The obstacle is the way.

And he discusses (actually reframes) your mindset when a big life obstacle gets in the way.

And lockdown II is a pretty big one!

He proves with many well know people across history, how they used the obstacle as the actual path to get started.

Emilia Earhart – the 1st women to fly across the Atlantic – told she wasn’t allowed to do it because she was a women, but two men would accompany her.

Was slightly patronising that she couldn’t do it solo, but she did it anyway as the history books would only remember her name.

Thomas Edison’s lab burnt down with years of hard work destroyed in an instant.

He didn’t cry and feel sorry for himself.

He just enjoyed watching the explosions and thought it was a great opportunity to start again.

Life is all about obstacles and there is never been a perfect time to start or a perfect plan.

If you have a health, fitness and body shape goal right now?

Just start.

By acting.

Keep consistent.

And focus on what you can do for the long run.

Rather than waiting for the perfect plan or perfect time to arrive.


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