Overrated & Underrated Diets

Diets may not be top of your priority list right now.

But I’m sure you don’t want to pile on the pounds and inches either?

In just a month or so time you will be bombarded with advertisement for certain diets.

Or hear about one that your friend has started and is doing well on.

Its really bamboozling as to how many diets there are.

And which one works best.

Yes, keto diet can work for fat loss

Yes, caveman diet can work for fat loss

Yes, fasting can work for fat loss

Yes, paleo can work for fat loss

But if you understand WHY they work….

…..calorie balance.

Everything becomes clearer.

Rather than be stuck into one particular method.

Why not be able to eat what you want – whenever you want & be in great shape!

Read that again.

No its not too good to be true.

There are many people out there in fantastic shape and they still eat pizza, drink booze, have cake occasionally.

But how? Doesn’t eating junk food immediately make you store fat?


Because they track their calories to make sure they stay in a calorie deficit.

Most of their food comes from healthy, single ingredient foods and if they have spare calories left, they include a treat.

It’s just like going on holiday (if you can even remember what that’s like!)

You have a budget to spend.

Each day you set so much a side – say £200.

With that you have to buy meals, transport, admission tickets and then whatever is left, you can buy treats or gifts.

Nutrition really can be that simple.

But I’m not saying it’s easy, as you still need discipline and will power.

You just don’t need to eliminate food groups to get the body shape you want.

Overrated diets:

Cutting out food groups and feel miserable because you can eat your favourite foods

Underrated diet:

Tracking calories and being able to eat what you want – whilst still losing pounds & inches AND feeling great.

It’s a no brainer for me.

Take your pick

Want to try tracking calories? Or need to start tracking calories again?

Jump on to the 40 day & 40 night program which opens this Sunday – and entries are open for one day only!

Let us motivate you & keep you accountable right up to the new year.

Hope to see you on the plan.

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