You wont believe this….

7000 words and 25 videos are all you need to enjoy Christmas guilt free this year.

Myself and Carl have been putting to use the extra time we’ve had with lockdown.

From working together in a gym to building a personal training company with 4 locations.

We have dealt with thousands of people.

We can see when you lose motivation.

And we personally know how it feels.

Its generally towards the end of November that people throw in the towel.

But at THQ, we are a bit different to everyone out there.

We want you to use our plan that we personally do to maintain and even LOSE body fat over the Christmas period.

Yes, you read that right – LOSE FAT.

All you need to do is open a daily email, read the instructions, watch accompanying video and apply the daily task we recommend.

40 days and 40 nights that takes you all the way up to new year.

Program opt in opens this Sunday, and its found in the members area.

And is only open for ONE DAY!

I’ll remind you the day before and on Sunday so you don’t miss your chance to be in the best shape possible you’ve ever been in at Christmas.

Keep a close eye on emails…..


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