Focus, commitment & accountability

There are just under 6 weeks until New Year’s Eve.

Wow this year has flown by.

It’s very tempting to want this year just to finish.

Start afresh in Jan 2021.

But that’s the easy route out.

PLUS, getting in shape in 2021 is going to be so much more difficult if you throw in the towel now.

How about getting a head start?

Giving yourself a little project to keep you focused.

Become positive and energised again.

Want to be a few pounds and inches lighter for Christmas?

Want to enjoy the Christmas period guilt free?

And be a head of the game for the New Year “get in shape” period.

Jump onto the 40 day & 40 night program which starts on Monday.

Included in membership for all active THQ members.

Entries are open for one day only and will open at 9am tomorrow and will close 9pm tomorrow evening.

Just head over to members area tomorrow morning.

Can you imagine how much progress you can make with 40 days and nights focused effort?

Especially now social events are at the bare minimum!

Finish 2020 on a positive and remember the year more fondly.


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