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If any of you are in our Facebook support group.

You will have seen A LOT of posts like this:


It was a bit confusing to some people.

Are there shortages at the supermarkets??

“Quick, I need to get down and do some more panic shopping (also pick up more toilet roll)”

I joke.

Let me reassure you.

There are no shortages.

Just members being honest to themselves, with a huge reality check.

We started a new program this week called 40 day & 40 nights.

Aimed at getting you lean before Christmas so you can enjoy it guilt free.

That particular day’s task was to name three foods they regularly consume, and know they harm their body shape goals.

I got them to write it down and post it.

Owning it!

It is all too easy to blame a busy day at the office, stressful commute to work, kids playing up.

Yes, those things happen, and they happen to all of us.

Doesn’t mean that you can now stuff your face with junk.

Once people posted in the group – we told them to give them up for 2 weeks at least.

If you’re not on the program, I’m sorry it’s too late to enrol, but you can still do this task.

And just like members did, post it in our FB Support Group here >> SUPPORT GROUP

I’m certain you and members will do longer than 2 weeks.

Getting out of the bad habit of eating junk.

But what do you replace them with?

Single ingredient foods.

I say this a lot, and most people kind of grasp what I’m on about.

“healthy stuff and protein yeh?”

Kind of.

Single ingredient foods are;

Natural foods that are high in fibre.

They usually have to grow or once had eyes!

They are high in protein and low in calories.

What they all do is nourish the body and make you feel full.

Here is a list from which you can choose from.

White fish
Lean beef
Greek Yoghurt
Whey protein powder

Sweet potato
White Potato

Take out three bad foods and bring in 3 new better foods.

Seriously – if most of your foods come from the above list.

You will look and feel so much healthier.

And realise how easy it is to get in shape and feel alive!


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