What do you believe?

I’ve seen an overweight farmer in his 50’s who just wanted to tone up…

…get a 6 pack.

I’ve seen a mum who has had 3 children and lived a hectic life…

…get a bikini model physique.

I’ve seen a lady who has been out of shape all of her life because she had bad genetics…

…get into a size 8 pair of jeans.

And they all got OUT of shape because of one thing they kept doing.

They believed in themselves!

Yes, you read that right.

All of them had this one thing in common.

They got fat, out of shape, unhealthy because they believed in what they told themselves.

They believe that it was bad family genetics that made them unfit and out of shape.

They believe it was because they had a young family and your meant to get fat as a mum.

They believe it was because that they didn’t have time and it’s too hard to get in shape.

But when THQ organised and motivated them a little.

And they started to see a few changes.

That’s when they believed in themselves in a better way.

They started to tell themselves:

“Actually I can do this” “Its not that hard” “ I want even more/better results”

You are what you believe.

Stop believing you are destined to be out of shape.

Start believe you are MEANT to be in shape.

Don’t constraint yourself to self-limiting beliefs.

Because that’s the easy route out.

Believe you can get in shape, be fit, active and healthy – and you will!

Start this week better by just making a simple pledge to yourself.

That you will:

  • Get at least three workout sessions completed this week.


  • Reduce junk and alcohol to a bare minimum.


  • Sleep and hydrate well.

You’ll soon start believing in yourself the correct way.


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