Today’s email is a little bit different – but very important.

As mentioned, the other week, we lost a close friend and THQ member recently.

And today was his funeral.

I waited till after the funeral to email out.

As Royce’s family very kindly asked me to do a speech for Royce.

Which was a huge honour.

I wanted to announce to his family and friends first.

It was to reveal how we are going to remember Royce.

This announcement just goes to show what a great bunch of people are at THQ.

A fantastic idea was put forward by Buxton member David Bamforth.

As most of you are aware.

We have a transformation of the year at THQ.

This awards goes to someone who;

Applies everything we say,
goes all in,
fits into the THQ family,
and sees a big visually difference.

And they win a cash prize of £1000. (Ollie Pugh the 1st winner last year)

Royce nailed all of the above!

So, it seems fitting that this award is now name in his memory.

The award is now called the “Royce Longdon Memorial Award”

As Royce would inspire many others to just go for it, train hard in sessions and smile.

This award will continue to make others just go for it, train hard in sessions and smile for many more years.

That’s all for today folks.


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