What gear are you in?

Looking after your body and getting in great shape is like driving a car.

You can go forwards or backwards.

Or sideways sometimes but this never ends well!

And the gears in that car dictate what direction you are going.

December is a tricky month.

A lot of people are now saying i’ll just wait till January.

Essentially, they have slammed their car into reverse gear.

For the whole month!

And they have totally lost momentum they had been building throughout the year.

When they get into January, they are going to find it so much more difficult.

A lot more so than the people who have kept their car going forwards in December.

When it gets to next year, they’ve now got to slow the reverse speed down.

Come to a stop.

And then put a lot of energy into get the car to go forwards again.

Whereas if you keep the momentum going forwards in December.

Even if we are just crawling at snail speed.

With your car stuck in 1st gear.

As soon a January comes around.

You are soon into 2nd and 3rd

…whilst the others are still trying to get out of reverse.

People often wonder how others staying shape all year round.

It’s not because they start well in January.

It’s because they kept doing the basics correct when it’s the hardest to do them.

In December.

So how do you keep it moving forwards.

  • Train at least 3 times a week.
  • Sleep 7- 9 hours
  • Drink 2-3 litres a water a day
  • Try to moderate treats and junk food.

All the basics, done on a consistent basis = forwards momentum.

So, before we get into December any deeper.

Decide which gear you are going to get in.


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