Your Personalised Meal Plan

“I just need to be given on a piece of paper what I exactly need to eat & when”

I was asked this the other day by a member.

She won’t mind me sharing this as I’m helping her with the correct way of doing things now.

I always used to get asked this when I first started out personal training.

And I used to spend hours writing individual meal plans for tons of clients.

And the same thing happened over and over again.

They’d follow it for a few days, maybe a week or two.

And then something would happen.

  • Forgot to take their meal prep to work.


  • Couldn’t find ingredients at supermarket.


  • Their little child hands out a biscuit to them.

They would all react the same way.

Feel terrible because they had to come off meal plan, and they go back to eating crap once more.

And to be fair, if they did stick to plan, they got bored of what I said to consume.

Who knows what they want to eat in three weeks’ time on a Friday lunch time??

So, I started to tell clients what I did.

And soon the clients were seeing far faster results.

They were eating WHATEVER they wanted

And they could maintain this new weight loss!

Sound too good to be true.


I just got them to track their calories.

They could use the calories like a budget each day to consume on what they want.

They soon realised that eating crisps, cakes, biscuits and other types of junk food..

….that their budget soon depleted very quickly.

But when I said to based diet around meat, veg, rice and potatoes and the odd treat allowed….

they felt full, energised, free to eat what they want and more importantly – lost body fat/weight.

Doesn’t that sound like a more sensible, logical and real world way of doing things?

“But don’t you give a THQ meal planner when you start?” some people may ask.

Yes we do.

But this is more about building discipline and structure into your routine when you first start at THQ.

Breaking down bad habits and lack of structure in your day to day life that has been causing the weight gain.

When you’ve nailed the basics with the THQ meal PLANNER (not meal plan)

We recommend to track calories to live a normal life – but look and feel great at the same time.

Want to know what calories you should be consuming for your goals?

Here is my general rule of thumb.

  • Fat Loss – bodyweight in pounds x 10-12


  • Maintain weight – bodyweight in pounds x 15


  • Mass gaining – bodyweight in pounds x 16-18

Track calories for 1 week – see which category you’ve been landing in!

Any more help needed just reply back to me

Speak soon

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