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As many of you reading this know, living in the northwest of England means we don’t see the sun often.

It’s often overcast and when the sun does come out, it’s not for very long and it’s at its weakest.

Weakest in terms of giving off an essential vitamin.

Vitamin D3.

Which tends to make people feel a little low.

And the reason why a lot crave the winter sun holiday.

Which for reasons I don’t need to remind you about, isn’t logistically very easy this year.

But the days are getting colder and shorter still!

We haven’t even hit winter solstice yet.

Sorry to sound a little gloomy.

But this is the facts.

Signs you are a little low in Vitamin D3…..

Have you noticed your mood being a bit flat recently?

Struggling to get going in the mornings?

Feeling a bit run down?

Low vitamin D3 levels affect your mood and your immune system.

So, if you want to feel a little bit better and have a healthier body – top your vitamin d3 levels up.

The quickest way to do that, would be having a 20-30 minute full body exposure to the sun.

But as I write this listening to the rain smash against the window – I understand that’s not possible.

So, another way to top up D3 levels is to make the extra effort to consume foods high in vitamin D3.

  • Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, kippers, sardines
  • Organ meats (like liver if you enjoy – not for me)
  • Leaner protein like shrimp and tuna
  • Eggs (Free range)
  • Mushrooms (only form of plant form D3)

Although these will increase the D3 levels in your blood stream.

It won’t be enough for them to be at optimal levels.

Optimal enough that you notice a difference.

Which means you should still consider supplementing with 2000-4000iu each day as well.

Head over to the general health section in the members area if unsure of what strength or product to take.

For such a cheap supplement, that hospitals and doctors are now widely recommending that sick patients get more off, it’s an easy win.

Beat the winter blues and normal slump.

Give it 7-10 days to get levels to optimal and you will see an improvement on mood, energy and general well being.


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