Fuelling up too much?

I often use a car as a comparison as it helps many people to easily understand their body.

A car is something we are all familiar with.

Even if we don’t drive.

We pretty much know the basics of how it works.

But when it comes to the body, in particular food & exercise, and how it alters the body…

….people aren’t so sure.

Which is slightly concerning.

You only get one body so we must take care of it.

Many people take more care of their car than their own body.

We only get one body but you can always replace a car.


Back to the car analogy.

You can compare food (calories) as to fuel going into the car.

That’s a nice and simple way understanding your nutrition in relation to the body.

Put too much fuel in the car and it just overfills the tank & spills all over the floor.

In this case, it’s just money you’re throwing away (and possibly your safety!)

Unlike the car, our body is a living organism, so its main focus is to survive.

It has a mechanism to catch the spilled fuel (calories).

It does this for times in the future when you’re running on fumes and need a fuel tank reserve.

This mechanism is called fat cells.

They absorb all the excess fuel (calories) and store them on your body.

And no, you can’t stop that.

Carb blockers, fat burners etc will not stop fat storage if you have too much fuel (calories) coming in.

But if you are using your car more frequently than normal.

Don’t you notice how many times you have to go to the petrol station to refill.

Same with food (calories).

Get in the gym, walk and stay active throughout the day, will keep room in the fuel tank.

Especially at this time of the year, when so many treats and cheats are at our finger tips.

People tend to do less moving and more sitting at Christmas time.

And soon the fuel starts spilling over (into your fat cells).

The main message is over the next couple of weeks, you can still enjoy yourself with food and drink.

But if you want to minimise fat gain.

Keep moving, get in the gym, go for walks, be active with the kids, do odd jobs around the house.

So that some of that fuel gets burnt off.

Don’t fill up the tank with fuel if you aren’t driving anywhere!


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