Eat more & burn body fat!

It’s this time of the year that people are starting to plan.

Plan their break over Christmas (that changes on a daily basis!)

And their New Year.

They understand that this year may not have been that great for their body shape or health.

And this year a lot of people just let it slip due to the lockdowns.

I know this, as the enquiries for the January intake are busier than normal.

There is a great feeling of a fresh start in 2021.

I’m doing many consultations in December to cope with the demand.

And I can see the hope THQ brings.

Particularly when I explain about the benefits of resistance/weight/strength training.

Gob smacked that they don’t have to do any cardio.

And for you guys who have done a shoot before understand.

  • You use your diet to get lean and burn body fat


  • And your gym time to get fitter and stronger.

If you still have a mindset of looking at your time in the gym to burn calories…

…then I’m afraid it’s a long, torturous journey ahead.

I’ve genuinely heard people in other gyms whilst I was working out, say with delight…

that they can have the tub of ice cream in the freezer they’ve been saving, as they have burnt 350kcal by being on the treadmill for an hour.

If you go to the gym just so you can go home and eat a load of junk food – this is only going to lead to an unhealthy, fat and sick body.

Back to my consultations.

When I explain why resistance/weight/strength training works so well.

It soon starts making sense to them.

Resistance/weight/strength training isn’t about getting big and bulky (it can do if you over eat intentionally though – but any training will if you eat too much!)

Resistance/weight/strength training is better at cardio to burn body fat and lower scale weight…

Because it builds a faster metabolism!

And it’s does it in three ways;

  1. More calories burned in a 45 min resistance/weight/strength training session than on 45 mins on a treadmill for example.
  2. More calories burned AFTER your session recovering and building muscle
  3. More calories burned overall day to day, as your body needs extra calories to support new lean muscle added to the body.

Like the sounds of losing inches, pounds AND been able to consume more food, without ever doing a single step on a treadmill?

Then grab one of our last few no commitment consultation spots for the January intake.

We will be limiting these to a first come first serve basis so don’t sit on the fence!

Find out more here >>>>> January 6 Week Meltdown


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