2021 £1000 Prize Nominations

THQ High Lane

"Since Emma came through the doors of THQ I could tell she was fed up and ready to make a change. She took on board everything myself and the trainers told her and when it came to her first 12 week program her commitment to the process became clear. She has since completed 2 more shoot programs and has given her all in every one of them. Her results speak for themselves as she’s managed to better her previous result every time. She has dropped a massive 50lbs in total since starting with me at High Lane." Will Richards

THQ Buxton

"My reasoning for putting Gareth forward to winning is when I first sat down with him for a consultation, I knew that he had a lot going on and he wanted to make a bad situation a lot more positive and do something good for himself. He’s never done anything like this before and I know it took a lot to do this, he has literally messaged me every day throughout the shoot to make sure he was doing everything correctly, had 100 respect for the program & got amazing results . He is very respectable during the sessions and I think all round has a positive impact on THQ as a whole" Carl Lambert

THQ Leek

"Lisa has been a member at THQ Leek since our very first intake back in January 2019 (an original as I like to call them ha) & has been on one hell of a journey to date. Lisa has just completed her third shoot & has shown consistent progress through them all, always striving to improve on the last. Many people often take their foot of the gas post shoot & often regret regressing & making things hard for themselves. Not Lisa…. Lisa is a fine example of what THQ is all about, grasping that consistency & keeping thing simple is key when it comes to achieving & maintaining results. Whether sticking to her nutrition or progressing with her lifts, she always gives 100% & is a true inspiration to all." Julian Ramsey

THQ Whaley Bridge

“I’ve nominated Becky for a few different reasons. Firstly, she reactivated as a member and went straight on the shoot, actually starting nearly a week behind and having to play catch up. Losing 22lbs & 44cm over this shoot period and looking brilliant. Becky also lives quite far away from THQ Whaley, with a 2 and a half hour round trip, 3 times a week, shows us ultra-levels of dedication to the process. Stating that she can’t find anything as good nearer to where she lives in Huddersfield. This smashes the “I don’t have time” excuse as she also has a young family and a job as well as making time for the gym! Becky also applies everything to the letter and doesn’t shirk in sessions or on her diet. For these reasons I believe Becky should be this year’s winner!” Ryan Adshead

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