Drink booze and lose body fat?

We were 4 days into January.

When I heard the cans of lager cracking opening, wine bottles being uncorked and prosecco bottles popping.

Yes, Boris had announced yet another stay-at-home message.

The thought of 1- 2 months locked in at home was too much to bare for some.

Even though many had planned to do “dry January”.

Which was going to coincide with a New Year Health kick, to drop those festive pounds and inches.

Now that dry Jan failed miserably, people have thrown out the new year health kick as well.

Believing the two cannot work without the other.

Can you drink alcohol and lose body fat?

Is a question people tentatively ask me? (Hoping I say yes)

And I’ve been asked quite a few times this weekend, as we have just started a 12 week shoot.

The thought of not drinking for 3 months for some is daunting.

They want to know if it’s possible to drink and still lose weight/body fat.

From a scientific point of view, you don’t have to eliminate it…

…. but if you do cut out EXCESSIVE alcohol and excess drinking, it will definitely help you lose body fat faster.

So, we let members on shoot drink.

But if they cut it out, it will be so much easier.

I drank on my shoot and found that results were still possible.

But last year, I decided to give up drinking through the March lockdown.

And after 3 weeks, I had broken many bad habits, so I continued the no alcohol rule.

3 months later I still hadn’t had a drink.

I hadn’t changed my diet or calories but my body shape looked leaner and more defined.

I ended up breaking my no booze streak on 15 weeks as I didn’t want to be attached to a time frame and free to choose.

And as soon as I drank, I felt terrible.

And for the rest of the year, have only drank a little on the odd occasion.

Which leads me into another interesting observation.

I usually spend the winter months consuming more food and calories.

To focus on getting stronger and adding a little extra muscle.

Without consuming alcohol, progress has been faster and more noticeable.

But without the fat gain that usually occurs.

This does prove that your body views alcohol as a poison.

And puts all other biological means such as fat burning, muscle building, getting fitter, stronger etc on the back foot.

To deal with eliminating the alcohol from the system first.

I’ve always been one to say yes, you can drink on dieting phases.

Mainly because I don’t believe you should give up ANYTHING when dieting, as you want it to be sustainable.

And this is why tracking calories works well.

If you do want to drop body fat & drink – you have to record and track what you consume.

You will soon see after a day of eating and drinking booze how many calories you can easily consume, 3000-4000 without a sweat.

Which then makes you realise you need to choose better options.

White spirits and diet mixers.
Light lagers
Cider seltzers.

But from last years’ experience of dropping alcohol.

I would now recommend to try to do it without the booze.

Not only will you feel and look better faster.

You may also break the crutch you think you rely on so much, when you really don’t.


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