Simple Fat Loss Tactic

Although routine is a bit up in the air at the moment.

And there isn’t a lot we can really do.

The one thing we can do is look after our health and body shape.

The healthier and fitter a body is – the more equipped it is to fight off infections.

So, you are doing your part in getting back to normal.

And I’ve seen & heard of many people “back on it”.

It’s great to see the enthusiasm to eat perfectly and exercise often after a heavy festive period.

I get it.

You’re feeling a little bit fluffy and gross.

And you want to get rid of the excess body fat as soon as possible.

But what you’ve also got to consider, it didn’t just magically accumulate over one bad week or two.

It’s probably been months of bad habits that’s caused the few extra pounds to creep on.

The harsh truth is…

…it’s going to take more than a week or two to get it off.

And this is where people usually mess up.

They diet and train SO hard that they see results quickly, and then push harder for even more results.

But we all have a limit to which we can endure this for.

At the start of a diet, it feels like you could push that hard for months.

But then all of a sudden you hit the wall.

You start to dread doing a workout.

Feel tired all the time.

But then the worse sensation appears.

You get hungry – very hungry.

At first your body was running on the excess food/calories it had stored.

But then, it doesn’t like fast change and starts to believe that there is a bit of a food shortage, and that we are having to do a lot of graft (workouts) to gather food.

So, a hunger hormone called ghrelin increases.

We need to convince the body it’s got plenty of food to survive.

And this is why we always recommend PROTEIN.

This is my simple fat loss tactic that you may already know, but need to hear again.

Eat a large portion of protein at EVERY MEAL (yes that does also mean at breakfast as well so put the kiddies cereal away!)

As well as eating protein at every meal, half your normal carb portion rather than cutting them out completely (because who wants to cut them out really? they taste great and fuel workouts).

Add extra veggies to replace the carbs you’ve dropped out.

It’s the same amount of food on your plate but WAY less calories.

Meaning you will feel full and satiated.

And a lot less likely to raid the biscuit tin.

Try this strategy for one week and see how easy dieting can be.


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