Stressed Eric’s Warning For Shifting Belly Fat

I was talking to a member the other day and she had realised her lifestyle was very stressful.

Only just appreciating how stressful it was recently.

And it made me think of times that I’ve been stressed.

But not noticed it.

It sticks around, lingers & builds.

And it reminded me of a program I used to watch when I was younger, called Stressed Eric.

I’m not sure I was even meant to watch it.

Having flash backs of sneaking down stairs late and putting the television on.

Essentially, it was a guy whose day would start off bad and get worse and worse.

To the point that he had a throbbing vein on his head that would strangle him and he died!

It was a carton don’t worry ha.

And I used to think – adults don’t live like that do they?

But growing up I’ve soon realised – yes, they do.

I’ve felt it.

But its only because I (and eric) let it build.

On all programs we do at THQ, we have modules that work on stress.

Because we know how important it is for building a better body shape.

Especially around the midsection – belly area.

And this is what everyone comes to us for help with.

I’m certain its why we get people to drop so many inches off their waist when they first start with us.

If we lay out a plan, make people eat the correct foods, not train excessively and sleep well, stress levels lower.

This in turn lowers cortisol levels.

Why is this important?

Studies have shown people who have high cortisol levels – have more belly fat.

But this doesn’t mean we need to get rid of cortisol completely, we still need it.

Cortisol is needed as a fight & flight hormone.

It contributes to the release of fat cells.

Its high in the mornings when we wake up as your circadian rhythm gets to work.

But consistently high cortisol levels caused by a stressful lifestyle, little sleep, too much exercise, too much caffeine, low calorie diets can all cause the midsection to bulge.

But you can beat this.

Try reducing stress and see if it lowers the inches around the midsection.

But how?

Not one thing can lower it but multiple small actions should do the trick…

  • 3-4 resistance training sessions a week only
  • 2-3 long leisurely walks a week
  • 2-3 cups of coffee a day only
  • Stop caffeine at 3pm
  • Camomile tea an hour before bed
  • Magnesium – get some!
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night
  • Sleep better in a cool dark room
  • Read a book for an hour before bed (no phones or TV’s)
  • Meditate (use headspace or calm app so it’s easy)
  • Focus on what you can control only

To some, it may sound mumbo jumbo.

But that’s your call.

But I know when I’m less stressed – my abs show quicker.

And many clients who have done the above have also noticed the difference.

So, if your always stressed about how much belly fat you have, and always look for ways to shift it.

Just give this a go and discover if it was stress all along that was the issue.

Let me know off your experiences & results.


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