You’re going to die

Not quite the uplifting email you were expecting to land in your inbox on a Monday morning.

But let me explain why it’s a positive.

On Friday I wrote about an email about an adult cartoon I used to sneakily watch when I was younger.

You can read the email if you search for “Stressed Eric” in your inbox.

After I sent the email, I kept thinking about the cartoon.

I was scratching my brain as to how long ago I used to sneakily watch it?

It must have been on the tele only a few years back.

I had to google the year and discovered it was 1998!

22 going on 23 years ago.

It made me feel a tad old.

But also, reminded me of how time goes very fast.

It’s the same when it comes to your New Year health kick.

Was it to drop a jean size? Lose a stone? Feel fit and energetic again?

You may have been struggling getting started with the goal properly.

Half in – half out.

Or maybe you have even been putting it off each week.

Before you know it – it’s the middle of February and you are still stuck with the festive weight and still feeling crap.

Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone.

I see so many people enquire about starting with us this month & relay this very same message.

They always think there’s more time, when in reality, most of us are hardwired to put our goals off for so long, we never achieve them.

“There is no better time to start a new goal than now”

How many times have we heard that – but you cannot argue with it.

So, if you’re the person reading this, and you’ve been delaying or waning a little from your New Year health, fitness and body shape goal?

Just start! Or keep pushing on if you’ve been half-hearting it.

While other people are talking about their New Year goals and discussing how they will start them when lockdown ends…

How about you get going now.

It doesn’t have to be a lot.

But whatever you know you should be doing to achieve your health, fitness and body shape goal – don’t put it off this week.

Plan 3 workouts, stick to a meal plan or calories, sleep 7-9 hours, drink 2-3 litres of water.

Time goes by so fast and once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

One of the main reasons for this eye-catching title, was to get you to read the message.

But it’s also a very stoic thing to do.

You can put all your worries and frustrations all into perspective.

By just thinking “We’re all going to die at some point.”

So, we may as well spend the time doing something with it.

Keep working towards that goal you set on New Year’s Eve.

You will smash it.


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