Netflix CAN help you lose weight

Have you ever been recommended to watch a TV series?

Whether that’s on normal TV or Netflix.

By a friend or family member that says “you just have to watch it”.

And that’s all you can think about.

You may jump straight into it that day.

You may wait & put it off for a while and put it on your watch list.

But it spikes your interest and you wonder why it’s so good.

Eventually, you break.

You put on the series to see what all the fuss is about.

Because you don’t want to miss out.

I know you’ve done this at least once – because I certainly have.

You put on the 1st few episodes and you actually find it a bit slow, confusing and not a lot is happening.

But you bear with it.

Yet, the 2nd & 3rd episodes are still at this slow moving pace.

But you keep going.

Because someone told you that it gets better.

And you’re so deep into it now.

Time invested in the program so you need to see it out.

And usually – you become enthralled as the series picks up pace.

Watching one after the other.

So glad you stuck it out!

Now, just imagine you had this same sort of commitment and patience with your health, fitness and body shape goal!!

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 are a bit slow.

You might not really enjoy the results.

But you keep going as your friend who stuck at it says “you’ll love the end results”

You see your friend looking toned, lean, slim, fit and healthy.

So, you stick it out.

Rather than throwing the towel in after week 4 because it’s getting a bit boring or tough.

Stick to your health, fitness and body shape goals in the same manner you’ll stick with a TV series.

And watch your life and body shape improve for the better.

As we are on episode 4 (week 4 of Jan)

This is the time you should be sticking to your THQ meal planner or calories & training sessions, more than ever.

The last few weeks you have been building the momentum without you even realising.

Results are just around the corner.

So just keep going and watch another episode!


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