Why Cutting Carbs Is WRONG

This email will for sure upset some…

But it must be said, as I believe it can make peoples life’s so much easier when trying to get in shape.

When it comes to people banning themselves from certain foods or food groups, I’m not so keen.

Usually, its carbs that get the ban first when people are trying to lose body fat and weight.

When in reality, they didn’t need to.

It may upset some but let me explain.

It’s pretty hard to live an enjoyable life without carbs.

They taste great and make you feel energetic.

And there is a reason for this.

Your body’s preferred source of energy is carbohydrates (after its been broken down into glucose)

This glucose is quick releasing energy that can enter into the blood stream fast for use.

Clearly, having too much glucose (carbs) in the body is not great as it cannot burn through it.

Just imagine overfilling a car petrol tank.

But too much of anything in life – there are always repercussions.

Same goes with food and in the case of today’s email, carbs.

I get it, when you drop carbs – you lose weight.

It’s not necessary cutting the carbs that made you lose weight.

It was the calorie reduction from eating less crap.

Generally, junk food is processed carbs that are low in nutritional value, high in calories and very easy to over eat.

Think cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, and some sneaky health products (yes that means you granola for breakfast lovers)

Just imagine what happens when you take out the above foods and the good carbs (there are plenty of good ones as well).

You’ve reduced your overall daily intake of energy, which in turn will help you lose weight.

But what happens when you want a family meal, or the occasional treat?

You can’t have it as you are on a diet?

Do your kids need to see you refusing foods? Friends feel uncomfortable going out with you?

That’s just not a feasible way to live a life.

But there is a better way…

When we work with people at THQ, first we say NO FOOD IS BANNED & then we get them to follow the THQ Meal Planner.

Essentially, we push carbs to the back end of the day.

Great for making a big family meal.

And who doesn’t like a tummy full of carbs in the evening.

Don’t believe the no carbs after 6pm nonsense.

If you are in a calorie deficit for the day by following a guide such as our THQ meal planner or tracking calories, you can eat carbs whenever you want.

We have many shift workers, night workers, busy business people, etc who all eat carbs at late times of the day.

And they are dropping pounds and inches like nobody’s businesses.

So, if you want to KEEP the carbs in the diet AND lose the weight?

Just have protein and fats for breakfast and lunch, then add in foods such as rice, potato, grains, pulses, fruit, oats into the last meal of the day.

If you’re still unsure of what carbs are good and which are bad.

If it’s grown somehow then its good.

If it is wrapped up into layers and layers of packaging and has a long expiry date, it’s probably going to be man made processed carbs.

Just this one simple tweak to a diet will make HUGE body shape changes.

What is there to lose? (other than a few pounds & inches)


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