Weekends making you go in circles?

“I’m good in the week, but it’s the weekends where I fail”

I wish I had a £1 jar for every time I’ve heard this.

I’d be living on a small, warm & sunny island now, chilling on the beach.

But it is the reason why most people get stuck in the rut of the inches and scales never moving.

Because it’s easy to eat well Monday – Friday (sometimes just till Thursday).

However, results are made at weekends.

Now, for optimal body shape results, you need to extend this structure and discipline into Saturday & Sunday.

And anyone who is now on a THQ 12 week shoot, or has done a THQ shoot before knows, we expect you to be good 7 days a week.

But this is for optimal results in a short amount of time, and its only temporary.

But what about everyone else who just wants to get in great shape and feel good about themselves?

Good news is…..you don’t have to be perfect every day.

We can still get the pounds & inches to disappear AND still have treats at the weekend.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it is true – and there are many members adopting this strategy and seeing results right now.

Let me show you a normal person who lets their weekends reck their body shape.

Monday = 2000kcal
Tuesday = 2000kcal
Wednesday = 2000kcal
Thursday = 2000kcal
Friday = 2000kcal
Saturday = 4500kcal
Sunday = 3000kcal

Total = 17500 calories per week

But just imagine for example, your body needs to be consuming less than 15000 calories a week to see the inches and pounds start to come down.

Just do this;

Monday = 1500kcal
Tuesday = 1500kcal
Wednesday = 1500kcal
Thursday = 1500kcal
Friday = 1500kcal
Saturday = 4500kcal
Sunday = 3000kcal

Total = 15000 calories per week

So if you look closely – you’ve hit your magic number needed…

YET – still had the weekend treats.

Just shave off 500kcal each day Mon-Friday.

Clearly this works a lot better if you track calories.

And this maybe is an eye opener to some, as to why so many people track EVERY DAY (it takes 10 mins max)

But what calorie target do I need to hit then to be consuming for fat & weight loss?

Get your weight in pounds – times it by 12 – and then again by 7 for your weekly target.

E.g 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcal a day x 7 = 12600 kcal for the week.

Use this 12600 calorie target as you please.

Just like spending a holiday money budget.

Really not interested in tracking calories?

At THQ, we have a planner that sorts all this for you.

This planner makes it hard to over consume more than 1600-1800kcals.

Then, you have more room for flexibility at weekends.

So whether you start tracking calories or find a satiating & high protein meaI planner like ours.

I hope this gives you the confidence and belief that weekends will no longer be your downfall.

Start it next week and see how much better you feel.



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