3 Ways to 🔥 up your energy levels

We all want that little extra oomph to our day.

Where you feel like you can tackle anything that comes your way.

It seems at the moment that the energy vibe is on low.

Whether that’s down to it just been January…

…plus the never ending lockdown.

It seems to have sucked the life out of everyone.

But imagine having the spring/summer energy levels flowing through you now.

Yes, it can be done.

You just need to follow these three simple, but highly effective steps.

It actually starts the night before.

Going to bed one hour earlier than normal.

No television, phones, tablets etc

Only a book in hand – read as a way to wind down, being as you are in bed one hour earlier.

And you’ll notice you will drift off so much quicker.

The aim is to get to that big number of 9 hours sleep.

The longer sleep you get, the more energy you have the next day.

It may sound simple but people often skimp on sleep to get more done in the day.

This is just like borrowing from the bank – that debt needs to be paid back.

And a bit of a lie in the weekend just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Talking of mustard, this nicely leads me onto my next tip.

Put mustard on everything!

Only joking.

Food is the topic and next step you should focus on though.

When you do wake up after successfully getting a solid long nights kip…

….have a high protein & fat, but low carb breakfast.

Think eggs, salmon, bacon, avocado’s and shove a bit of greens with it like spinach, cucumber etc.

And now for the third simple step.

Before you even start your work day, glug 1 litre of water.

Don’t overcomplicate it, just drink it!

This alongside sorting your breakfast & getting a 7-9 hour sleep will leave you feeling energised and focused.

Being bright eyed and glowing for the day!

As your fellow work colleagues will be on zoom looking like zombies, as they shove down their sugar bomb breakfast like granola or coco pops.

These three simple steps you can start taking today help you stay ahead of the pack.

Lighting a fire under your backside and getting you feeling & performing as you should.

Let’s attack this week!


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