Cut bodyweight by a fifth

The new super drug that helps you lose weight was the big news yesterday.

Its results show that it decreases appetite and can help cut weight but 20%.

This is the end to all of our obesity problems.

Just pop a pill.

But I’m certain, even if it was free for the whole population…

…obesity levels would still rise.

Because overeating for most isn’t because they are hungry all the time.

It’s because people are tired, stressed, emotional.

And food becomes their comfort blanket.

Whether they are hungry or not.

I’ve even seen people, who are just trying to stick to a diet plan cause themselves enough stress, that they then blow it out the water as they’ve eating something “naughty”.

And this is why we ban NOTHING at THQ.

We believe you should all be able to enjoy foods and treats.

We just get clever about it.

You can either follow a meal structure like our THQ meal planner.

If you follow it for 80% of the time alongside 3 training sessions a week – you are guaranteed to see results.

Yet still live a normal life.

Or even better, why not just track calories.

Because, as you’ve heard us say on so many occasions.

The secret to losing body fat and weight is = staying in a calorie deficit.

All diets achieve a calorie deficit.

Most people believe diets are about suffering, hardship, struggle, pain.

When it really doesn’t have to and you can make it so much more easier.

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to eat little to no food.

It means you need to consume less calories.

That’s it!

Just less calories than you have been doing to make you put on weight.

And just enough calories so you aren’t hungry all the time.

Want to still include your favourite foods AND lose weight?

Maybe you should start to look at your calories.

Start by tracking your normal intake.

Use a free app like Myfitnesspal and see what your average is for 7 days.

Then, to ensure you are in a calorie deficit.

Times your weight in pounds by 12 and that’s your daily figure you need.

E.g. 150lb x 12 = 1800 calories a day.

Clearly to feel good and energetic, most meals need to be based around protein and vegetables.

But the odd little treat can fit into that figure.

Which keeps your adherence up for longer.

Which means even better results.

Which keeps up motivation!

See the positive spiral we can achieve.

Or failing this, just pop a pill and hope for the best.

I’d recommend the natural way and follow that meal planner or start tracking calories.

Not only will you be able to cut your weight by a fifth, you will be able to keep it off as you now know how to eat for results and enjoyment.


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