Weetabix & baked beans

If you’ve had your head buried in the sand recently.

You may have missed the news about a viral tweet from Weetabix.

It was done as a promotional stunt to get people talking, and it certainly worked.

The picture of dry Weetabix with a dollop of baked beans in a bowl looked incredible.

And not in a good way!

Who knows, some may have even tried it…

…I’ll be passing on that one.

And todays email isn’t to recommend giving it a go either.

It did spark a lot of debate though.

What is the perfect thing to put on Weetabix.

The suggestions I saw were brown sugar, honey, peanut butter, JAM (?!)

All low in protein and high in carbs!

And I just know these people will be the ones asking how to lose weight on the next tweet.

Firstly – if you want to lose weight and body fat.

STAY AWAY from Weetabix for breakfast.

Because it’s a low protein and high carb meal (even with baked beans on it)

As you know, I’m always banging on about how good protein is for you, especially at the 1st meal of the day.

And you kind of get it.

But let’s look at the negatives of a low protein diet and it soon may make you change your habits.

If you want;

  • to be hungry all the time
  • overeat each day
  • have bad recovery
  • more injuries
  • tank your hormone levels
  • become deficient in amino acids
  • quickly pile of body fat
  • lose muscle
  • develop weak bones
  • have a poorly functioning immune system

Go for a diet high in carbs and low in protein.

Don’t want any of those negatives?

Go higher protein – LOWER (not NO) carb diet.

So, before you grab the tin opener for your beans and Weetabix tomorrow morning.

Think high protein and fats instead.

Eggs, bacon, avocado, salmon, feta cheese, butter…

Slam a bit of veg or salad with it

Spinach, tomato’s, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli…

Do it every day and see how much better you feel, whilst also watching the pounds & inches fall away!

If you think having veg or salad for breakfast is stranger than Weetabix and baked beans, we have a lot of work to do my friend!!

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