Give me some motivation

“I need some motivation – can you help?”

Certainly, let me just get some from the back.

As much as I would love to be able to bottle motivation up, and give it out like a supermarket product, it just can’t be done.

I’ve tried giving motivational videos, messages, talks…

and they inspire members for a few days.

Then, I have to play my strong hand, and show before & after results of previous members….

This may keep them going for a further week or two.

But then, some still come back asking for more motivation.

What I’ve discovered from getting in shape myself, and getting many others in shape over the past 10 years is that;

It comes from inside.

Yes, seeing a body shape you like on social media can get you going.

But its probably not strong enough to keep you going.

What will keep you going is your deep why!

What made you make that decision to start to get in shape and being fit & healthy?

Was it to live a long & healthy life, look better naked, be fit – strong & healthy for your family, to increase confidence…?

Whatever it is/was, that’s what will give you the limitless pot of motivation you’ve been searching for.

If you are still unsure what your deep why is?

Don’t just wait for it to appear one day, because it probably wont.

I’ve often found if I’ve got in a bit of rut, and I’ve seen it in some members too, is just to start.

Even if you don’t want to.

Because when you force that start and begin to see progression.

You feel great for doing so.

Keep repeating over & over, and soon looking for motivation is not a thing any more.

This grey & drizzly Monday morning may feel like a slog to get going with your training or eating the correct foods for your goals.

But you know how good you will feel if you just get one workout in, or eat a healthy & nutritious meal.

Get that momentum going and soon your motivation levels will be shooting through the roof.

Have a great start to the week!

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