Cheat Meal This Weekend?

Ever talked yourself into having a cheat meal at the weekend?

I’ve been doing well on my diet, or it’s been a tough week.

And I get it – we’re tired.

Tired and exhausted of all this restriction and nonsense.

To have that cheat meal at the weekend is your one little bit of light.

If this is the case, then please, just have the cheat meal and do not read on.

I want you to be able to unwind at the weekend and live a life!

One question I do keep seeing though is….

“I’ve hit a weight loss plateau – should I have a cheat meal?”

And I can see the confusion and where this has stemmed from.

There is real and genuine data that’s suggest that if you have a high calorie meal, it spikes metabolism.

And many fitness competitors will have scheduled cheat meals to keep metabolism high.

GREAT! I hear you cry….load me up some fish and chips.

But hold your horses.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The main reason it worked for the test subjects, and the stage fitness competitors was because they were lean.

Very lean.

I mean they can see veins going up their abs lean.

They have been on a very low calorie diet for a long time, they are doing hours in the gym and they have no more fat to lose…

…so a cheat meal refuels them for gym sessions and prevents them from breaking down muscle.

And this is where this idea that having a cheat meals breaks through plateaus, just for a certain person in a super lean state.

Us normal people it’s a bit different.

Yes, weight loss plateaus happen.

And it’s not because you haven’t had a cheat meal.

You just need to ride it out.

Especially if the next questions is “how do I lose the belly fat” as you grab a good chuck of stomach rolls.

ANSWER = Stick with the plan.

It will soon start moving again.

The main reason your weight loss has stalled, and you can’t burn belly fat is because you keep having a “Well Done” cheat meal each weekend.

Want faster results?

Now that you’ve master the basics in the week with your nutrition, training, sleep and hydration.

Extend it into the weekends as well.

You will soon see that it wasn’t the cheat meal that was needed after all.

The weekend is now upon us – what’s going to be your call?


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